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Administering the District Common Assessments

New Comprehensive Health and P.E. Standards

Look what's going on in our District.."Old Dogs New Tricks" PE Professional Development Class
Object Retrieval (Team building activity)

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Adventure to Fitness

What is Adventure to Fitness?The Adventure to Fitness Physical Activity Resource provides age appropriate co-curricular programming streamed directly into general education classrooms using computers, SmartBoards, projectors, monitors, and/or closed system technology. With one click, classrooms are propelled into a world of fun, excitement, education, and activity.
Who can participate? The Adventure to Fitness Physical Activity Resource is available to elementary schools across the nation, and fully funded for public schools in states announcing the availability of this resource to administrators and teachers statewide via their DOE, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and State AHPERD partners. Partnership is not an endorsement, rather a willingness to inform teachers of this free resource.

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P.E. Lessons from K-12 P.E. Standards and Assessment Meeting

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