Poudre School District
Endorsed subs for PE – 2009/2010 (we need to update the endorsed PE subs for 2012-2013)

Elementary and Secondary
Wesley Crist Elem/Sec 215-0209
Jennifer Danielson Elem/Sec 651-261-8697
Pamela Heeringa Elem/Sec 225-0059 (available only on Fridays)
Michelle Mueller Elem/Sec (Thurs & Fri only) 970-980-5959
Brianne Nelson Elem/Sec 797-2320
Diana Polaski Elem/Sec 1-719-339-6010
Nicole Richardson Elem/Sec (not subbing for Oct-Nov 2012)
Laura Mary Van Arsdale Elem/Sec 1-612-619-9841
Aaron Van Wormer Elem/Sec 1-720-939-4974
Marc Vigil Elem/Sec 390-390-9326
Peter Glaser Elem/Sec 970-222-9739 (not subbing spring 2013, but possibly fall 2013)

Elementary Only
Stuart Holley Elem 219-1105 (depending on if he's in town)

Secondary Only
Janet Campain Sec
Glen Schwabb Sec