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Name/Title: Ball Handling Skills

Materials Needed: One basketball for everyone participating

Objective/Goal:To teach ball handling skills, and fitness activities

Skills: Hand-eye coordination, Cognitive ability, Accustomed to relative movements

Lesson Description: Explained in the Video below

Pictures and Videos

Other: Smaller basketballs may help younger students experience success.
(jacobbenson26 Kinard MS) (Found video on youtube, not my lesson, but thought it was good :)

Name/Title: Bucketball

Materials Needed: 3 or 4 plastic buckets (5-10 Gallon size), 20 soccerballs, whiteboard for score-keeping
Objective/Goal: Develop power and accuracy with two-hand overhead throw. Explore various defensive and offensive strategies in a group game

Skills: Two-hand overhead throw

Lesson Description: Divide class in half. Assign each team a side of the width of the basketball court. Students must stand behind their sideline. With feet planted, two-hand overhead throw the ball toward the buckets. Students get one point for hitting the inside bottom of a bucket (even if it's on its side), or ten points for knocking the bucket over the other teams sideline. If the bucket tips and rolls over, that is fine! Only reset the buckets if they're all clustering too close together (set them in the same position, but farther apart on the width of the court), or if one team gets the bucket over the other team's line (set it in the middle again). Students should run out to retrieve balls from the middle of the court quickly and cautiously

Pictures and Videos:

(Chris Hunt, Traut, 2009 K-12 P.E. Meeting)