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Aerobic Bowling
Materials Needed:
1 Hula Hoop, 2 Bowling Pins, 1 Gator Ball and 2 Cones per Group of 4
Rolling at a stationary target, Aerobic Training

Rolling for accuracy
Lesson Description:
Split the class into groups of 4. Have 2 pins, 1 ball and 2 cones in a hula hoop for each 'lane'. (set one lane up for an example to follow and put the teams in charge of setting up their own lane) Heading across the width of the gym, set up the 1 cone in front of the hoop and the other 5 steps away. Then the two pins should be set up at the sideline. This creates one lane.

One student stands in the hoop, one stands by the first cone, one (with the ball) stands at the 'bowler cone' and the other stands behind the pins. On 'GO' the bowler rolls the ball towards the pins then sets up any pin(s) they knock down for the next bowler. The student behind the pins retrieves the ball and runs it to the next bowler and heads back to the hoop. This rotation continues until the game is over. 5 points for one pin, 10 points for two pins. Have games go to 60. First team to 60 sits down and is the winner. Emphasize speed and accuracy!!

The 'bowler cone' can be moved to make it easier (closer) or more difficult (further). Also, you can have an 'all-or-none' round where there is only 1 pin worth 10 points.

Pictures and Videos:
Coming Soon!!

(Kantor Shepardson 2010)